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EMDR Consulting

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EMDR Basic Training Consultation Calls held weekly

 2023-Basic Training calls will be held on Tuesdays at 3 pm EST

Certification Group Call held monthly (EST)

Tuesday August 22nd at 2pm EST

Friday September 22nd at 1 pm EST

Friday October 20th at 1 pm EST

Certification Individual Calls are set up through email

(please email me for dates and additional information)

Call 971-292-4560 and enter PIN 62050 to join calls

Rates are $75 for each certification group or individual consultation call


Therapists who have completed EMDR Basic Training and their 10 hours of consultation, are eligible to pursue Certification through EMDRIA.  This consisted of 20 additional consultation calls; 10 of which MUST be individual and 10 that can be group.  


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