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EMDR Intensives
Take your life back in less time 

An EMDR Intensive is a specialize treatment focused on your needs.  It provides longer, more frequent processing sessions over a short period to help accelerate your progress.

Feeling overwhelmed with life? Want to speed up the treatment process. Ever feel like you are just getting into the process and your session is over. Then an Intensive is the program for you!  


What is it?

At Fairhaven our Intensives are provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) and is a more efficient way to process overwhelming patterns and unprocessed life experiences. Intensives work to create containment, breaking the cycle of negative thinking, and developing healthy coping behaviors. Healing occurs naturally through the processing of these events in a safe and nurturing environment.

Intensives are effective with most presenting problems as it targets the foundation of its development and reconsolidates maladaptive (negative) beliefs and behaviors into more adaptive (positive) ones.  These programs have become my preferred treatment format; because my client’s experience relief so quickly and have the time to process entire events without any of life's irruptions. We all want a quick fix! 



Intensives offers these benefits:

  • Saves Time & Money - Getting through treatment quickly:

    • reduces the risk of the treatment being disrupted by other life events or loss of motivation. 

    • decreases the length of pain and suffering experience by many struggling with past trauma. Relief is often experienced in a few day, rather then months of weekly sessions.

  • A greater level of choice by being able to work with experts in the field regardless of where you live.

What to Expect? 

During an intensive, you typically travel to our office in Knoxville TN, stay for several days, and get a big chunk of work done. We provide a unique combination of Trauma focused therapies (EMDR & Brainspotting), with effective skills development (DBT, CBT and Experiential Activities) in order to assist you to reconnect with your inner strengths and regain control as you transition back into daily life.  



$1500/ day (includes treatment journal and 5-7 hours of personalize attention). Intensives may sound expensive to many. I get it, but I want you to think about it this way: a 3 day intensive, feels to many like 5-6 months of weekly sessions. Just paid all at once. 

A few words from former clients


"I had no idea that was what was holding me back"

"I feel free for the first time, in this land of the free"- Veteran 

"Life Changing" 

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